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A scratch is one of the most bothersome damages that can happen to your vehicle. However, even if they are troublesome, you can easily fix them through the right car scratch repair. As an owner, it would be best for you to be aware of what types of scratches exist and how much servicing needs to be done for each one.

Clear Coat Scratch

This scratch on your car’s clear coat is the most common and superficial type, often only visible under certain lighting. Although it is highly likely to get this type of damage, it isn’t necessarily serious. You will find that the type of car scratch repair done for this issue is relatively easy to do.

Being the outermost layer, the clear coat is a car’s first line of defense against environmental factors. Scratches on it can be caused by harsh sun, snow, or rain, as well as debris, like rocks, coming into contact with it. A careless car wash can also result in a clear coat scratch.

If you find yourself with this problem, don’t fret. A simple car scratch repair will do the trick. Standard polishing or buffing is enough to fix a clear coat scratch. Use a microfiber cloth and a scratch remover to polish the damaged area until it looks flawless again.

Color Coat Scratch

When your clear coat has definitely been pierced through but the car’s bare metal still isn’t exposed, you have a color coat scratch. With such a scrape, your car’s paint is already ruined and the damage is quite obvious. Color coat scratches occur when your car gets in contact with hard objects like tree branches or street lights.

Fixing a color coat scratch means repainting the damaged area of your car. The process could be tricky as you need to make sure the paint you use will match your car’s correct color perfectly. To ensure quality car scratch repair, it is best to let a professional do the job.

Primer Scratch

Getting into a vehicle collision will most definitely result in your car getting primer scratches. This scratch is the deepest and worst type, with all of your car’s paint layers already broken through. The car scratch repair required for the damage should be done by an expert.

With a primer scratch, the bare metal is now exposed. This is dangerous as it can lead to rusting and further damage. If left untreated, your car will become unsafe to drive over time.

Fixing a primer scratch on your own is difficult and will likely not suffice. It would be wiser to bring your vehicle to a trusted auto body shop and have them perform the appropriate car scratch repair so that you’re guaranteed excellent results.

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