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When your car gets into a collision, it’s likely to result in frame damage. This occurs in practically half of all car accidents. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you need to take your vehicle to an automotive repair shop. At Marv’s Body Shop, we can fix your problem through a service called car frame straightening.

The Car Frame Straightening Machine

Auto body shops that offer car frame straightening services have specialized equipment that can address the issue at hand. This machine is designed to fix a vehicle’s damaged frame. It has a platform big enough to hold average-sized cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. It also has rotatable posts with computerized lasers that assess the car’s frame and damage. Technicians will then use the diagnosis to gauge the extent of repair needed and how long it will take.

The Car Frame Straightening Process

When repairing a frame, the car will be fixed securely onto the platform. The machine’s chains will then be attached with hooks and clamps to the parts of the frame that need correction. Hydraulic equipment will put tension on the chains, pulling them, and straightening the damaged areas back into shape.

After this, the machine’s electronic measurement will confirm whether the adjustments made were done correctly—that the frame has been straightened and restored to its original specifications.

Importance of Car Frame Straightening

The frame is responsible for your car’s look and shape, but that isn’t its only function. It has more important purposes, including holding your vehicle’s overall structure together and keeping its weight from collapsing on you and your passengers.

Frames are created with special strategic points called crumple zones, intended specifically for collision cases. These are designed to give way during a crash so that your car won’t fall in on its passengers, thereby protecting them. In the event of a collision, these zones are triggered, and the frame is damaged. However, once that part has been broken, it needs to be repaired immediately. Having a technician perform car frame straightening on your vehicle after a collision should be one of your priorities as an owner.

If your frame gets pushed out of alignment, it can weaken the vehicle to the extent that it won’t be strong enough to protect its passengers from another collision. No matter how much it looks fine on the outside, your frame may still not be in optimal shape. You must address this issue by taking your vehicle to a shop that specializes in automotive frame repair so that you can have the assurance that it’s at its best possible state.

Don’t hesitate to invest in car frame straightening when it’s needed. After all, this is for the safety of your car and its occupants—you and your family. Marv’s Body Shop in Sioux Falls can help you with frame straightening and other related auto body repair concerns. Contact us today to learn more.