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Have you ever entered your car and wondered where that lingering smell of mildew is coming from? That’s a strong indicator that your vehicle has a leaky windshield.

If left unaddressed, water stains may appear on your dashboard, and mold can grow on various parts of your car interior. Worse, windshield leaks can cause serious issues such as computer failure and other electrical problems.

There are simple ways to stop the leaks from causing damage to your vehicle. But first, here’s how to identify where a leak is coming from.

Finding Leaks

Simply use a garden hose to shower your car with water while another person is inside the vehicle. They should be able to observe where the streams are coming from. Remember to use low pressure as too much force will just cause the water to bounce right off. Also, make sure all your doors and windows are closed before proceeding.

You may also use soap to detect where the leak is. To perform this test, apply soap on a wash mitt and rub it onto the trim area of your windshield. And then, turn your car heater on high defrost. From the outside, observe where the bubbles are coming from. That’s where you can find the source of the leak.

Fixing Leaks

For smaller leaks, applying a sealant would instantly solve the problem. Just follow the product’s instructions, and it should deliver the desired results shortly. It’s advisable to stay away from silicone seam sealers since they soften when exposed to heat and moisture for long periods, allowing water to seep through.

Major leaks, on the other hand, will require a windshield replacement in Sioux Falls. Never change a windshield on your own as improper installation could lead to further damage. Instead, take your vehicle to a certified auto body repair shop.

Windshield Replacement in Sioux Falls

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