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Hundreds of thousands of animal-related vehicular accidents occur in the United States each year. These collisions usually occur when animals unexpectedly dash in front of a vehicle or when drivers don’t see them standing in the way before it’s too late.

Animals on the road can be unpredictable with their movements and reactions. For that reason, the best way to prevent an accident is knowing how to react when you encounter them. Follow the tips below to avoid wildlife-related vehicular collisions.

Be Alert

When driving in the countryside, mountains, or near water formations like lakes, ponds, and rivers, encountering animals on the road is a real possibility. As such, it’s important to proceed with caution while you’re driving.

Look out for yellow wildlife signs. If you have passengers, ask them to be your extra set of eyes. Also, keep in mind that some creatures, such as goats and deer, like to move in groups. If you see one, there are probably be more of them nearby.

Reduce Your Speed

When you spot an animal ahead, reduce your speed or come to a complete stop if necessary. You’ll want to avoid hitting the breaks at the very last moment.

Don’t assume that an animal will cross the road before you come close to it. And, if you see one crossing, anticipate that there are more coming behind it. If a large animal–such as a bear or moose–blocks your way, wait for it to move.

Stay on the Middle Lane

If you’re driving on a multi-lane highway, try to stay on the middle lane as much as you can. Sometimes, the distance between your vehicle and the side of the road can decide whether you can successfully avoid a wildlife-related car collision in Sioux Falls.

Turn Up Your Light

Use your high-beam headlights when driving through dark areas if you have the road to yourself. Doing so will help you spot animals at night before you’re too close to them.

However, you must remember to turn your high beams off when approaching another vehicle. Leaving them on may distract the driver in front of you.

Dealing With the Aftermath

If you can’t avoid an animal-related car collision in Sioux Falls, don’t panic. Check on your passengers first; then, call the authorities if the animal is injured or dead.

If your vehicle is damaged, bring it to a repair center immediately. Marv’s Body Shop is a reputable auto body repair shop in Sioux Falls that can handle any vehicular damage. Call us for inquiries.