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Even the simplest damage like dents and scratches on car doors can cause major headaches to owners. Unfortunately, sustaining these minor disfigurements to your vehicle is inevitable for as long as you use public parking spaces.

The only way to avoid these is to become a more strategic and careful parker. Below are three tips to protect your vehicle’s door from getting hit in parking lots.

Pick Your Spot Carefully

As you enter a parking area, don’t settle for the first open spot you see. If possible, avoid parking next to obstacles, such as poles, traffic cones, and shopping carts if you’re in a grocery store.

In crowded parking lots, it’s advisable to seek out the end spot where there will be fewer vehicles. It may cost you an extra few minutes of walking, but your vehicle will be less susceptible to being hit by others.

Be Mindful of Other Vehicles

To avoid little damage to your vehicle’s door, it’s also important to be mindful of the cars right next to you. Make sure that there’s enough breathing room between your vehicle and the other cars before deciding on a parking space. Parking straight between the lines will create equal spaces on each side of your car.

You might want to avoid parking next to a vehicle with child seats. Understandably, parents will need to open the passenger door all the way to strap their kid in. And, if they’re not too careful, they might cost you a trip to the machine shop for an auto body repair in Sioux Falls.

Avoid opening the door carelessly as well. Doing so will only increase the chances of hitting obstacles or vehicles right next to you. Rather, make it a habit to open the door slowly and gently, even if you’re in a hurry.

Consider the Weather

Mother Nature will have no regard for your car door, so you have to be alert for certain weather changes. You must be extra cautious when getting in and out of your car during windy days, as strong gusts can easily slam your door against another vehicle. If you’re aware of a hail forecast, find a covered parking lot.

Car Door Repair

You can significantly reduce the risk of sustaining car door damage by following the tips above. But, if your vehicle needs auto body repair in Sioux Falls, turn to Marv’s Body Shop. We can handle everything from simple scratches and dents to auto body collision repair. Call us today!