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It hurts to see your car damaged after a collision. Luckily, not all collisions end in your car being totaled. In most situations, your car will need some level of repairs performed, ranging from minor repairs to more major ones.

A professional and experienced auto body shop should be reliable and have the ability to repair your vehicle so it looks good as new. That being said, here are five things you need to know before you bring your car in to get an auto body collision repair.

  1. Your car isn’t necessarily totaled if it has frame damage. Oftentimes when drivers hear that there’s been damage to the frame of their car, they may assume that means it’s the end of the road for their vehicle. But that isn’t always the case. Well-trained mechanics at a professional auto body shop can use machines to put your car’s frame back into shape depending on the amount of damage. Always get a professional opinion to determine the level of damage done to your vehicle. 
  2. Not every auto body repair shop is the same. Different repair shops offer different services and some are even certified to work on your specific vehicle make. Be sure to do your research before you choose which shop to visit so it falls in line with your expectations.
  3. You can choose who repairs your vehicle. Your insurance company might suggest a place where you can have your vehicle repaired, but you don’t have to go there. You can choose where you take your vehicle to get repaired after a collision so you can feel comfortable about who’s handling your car.
  4. You may not need to paint your entire vehicle again. You don’t necessarily need to have your entire vehicle repainted after it’s been in a collision. When you take your car to an experienced shop, the people working on your car can find the color of your vehicle to seamlessly repair any missing paint.
  5. Processing your claims. The days of shopping around for an auto body shop and waiting 3-4 days for an estimate are over. Choose a body shop that will help you process your claims. An experienced and reliable auto body shop will write up a comprehensive repair plan and work with you to ensure your claims are processed and approved. Choose a repair facility that you trust and let them take care of the rest.

Looking for an auto body shop Sioux Falls residents trust?

If your vehicle recently suffered auto body damage because of a car accident, you’re not alone. There are four main causes of car damage that can affect your vehicle: weather, fender benders, negligence, and high-speed collisions. Only a professional mechanic can determine the level of damage done to your car and the right way to go about repairing it. 

Fortunately, Marv’s Body Shop is the experienced auto body shop in Sioux Falls motorists trust with their vehicles to get the job done right the first time. 

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