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One of the biggest auto damage-causing factors is severe weather. Human error, however, is also right up there.

No one ever means for an accident to happen.

But some individuals are more likely to get into a car collision than others.

Depending on who they are, there are different ways to prevent a potential wreck. However, if the damage done to your vehicle seems like it’s irreparable, here’s what you need to know about taking your car to an auto body repair shop.


Teens are quite new to the world of driving, so it’s no wonder that fender benders and other vehicular accidents are common among them.

For many teens, getting their driver’s license also comes with a great feeling of liberation; however, this doesn’t mean they should become careless.

If you are a parent concerned about your teen on the road, make sure you always lead by example when you’re behind the wheel. Never text and drive, even at a stoplight. Be the kind of driver you would want your kid to be.

However, new drivers don’t just include teens. There are some new adult drivers who may feel unconfident when driving on their own for the first time.


Tourists are just visiting the area you call home. Or maybe you’re a tourist yourself.

Driving in a new area can be confusing. With today’s technology, it’s easy to navigate new areas that you are unfamiliar with, however, it still poses some challenges.  Some states allow left turns while others prohibit this and place U-Turns after every light. 

Different areas have different ways of operating which can be a recipe for distraction, and unfortunately and oftentimes, accidents. 

Drunk Drivers

Under no circumstances should you ever get behind the wheel while inebriated. If you’re driving late at night -especially on the weekends- keep an even closer eye on the roads. A drunk driving accident—whether you’re the cause or the victim—can be fatal for both parties.

Weary Travelers

Sleep-deprived drivers are just as dangerous while operating a vehicle. Especially if they are traveling through an unknown town. Again, if you’re driving at night, keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. Especially at intersections. If you’re a driver feeling the harsh effects of exhaustion, pull over immediately. Nap for a bit and when you’re feeling restored, pull back onto the road.

Try to have a partner when driving long distances. Or blast the radio and AC incrementally, so your body doesn’t adjust to the loud music and cold air.

When all else fails: Accidents and auto body repair shops

However well prepared you are, accidents can happen, whether you’re a new or experienced driver. If you’ve been in a car collision, and feel like your car was totaled, take your car to an auto body shop near you to inspect and repair the damage. They can give you a free collision repair estimate to let you know if the damage is serious. Or they can give you a quote on paintless dent repair if there’s no more than a scratch.


Accidents can happen to anyone. Keep a close eye on these individuals, or cut these dangerous driving habits yourself. We all share one road, and it’s important we keep each other safe.

However, if you’ve gotten into a minor fender bender, don’t worry. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, trust Marv’s Body Shop as your go-to to get your car back on the road.